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Veteran's Memorial Building
A Vietnam veteran, Terry has donated Architectural services for the recently completed Northern California Veteran's Memorial Building at the Veteran's Cemetery in Igo. 
Terry Topolski has provided local and regional businesses, government and public agencies, civic groups, investors, homeowners and developers with a full selecton of comprehensive Architectural services.
SIDAREC Center, Nairobi, Kenya
Terry recently returned from Nairobi, Kenya, completing the SIDAREC Mukuru Resource Centre, sponsored by Architecture for Humanity. Shown hereTerry is transporting one of the many metal frames for the moveable bookshelves used as dividers between classrooms. 
Shasta Wine Village, Redding, CA.
Master Planning the Shasta Wine Village here in Redding with MyLands.US. This project offers warmth, elegance, culture and a mix of unique wine country experiences with the convenience of a centrally located hub and one stop access. The center is designed to bring together wine and food in a high quality atmosphere with regional viticultural and tourist attractions in the region.